Waterfall at Beechwood Bed and Breakfast

I know people say that it is always one thing after another, but for me, this is proving to be true at the moment!

The latest nail in the coffin had to be when I was happily talking to my guests in  my dining room on the weekend, only to look up at my once white ceiling and gasp in horror! A water leak had stemmed from an en-suite upstairs and had stained my beautiful coving, whilst cracks began to appear! Disaster strikes!

I casually shuffled my guests in to a different room, and then quickly ran upstairs to inspect the damage. But water was nowhere to be seen!

My lovely lady plumber came to visit and found the problem for me – so thank goodness, the water leak has now stopped! (Albeit, my beautiful tiled floor has been replaced my very attractive chipboard!)

Just as well I’m insured!