Happy Easter from Beechwood B&B!

Don’t let the forecast of unsettled weather over the Easter weekend dampen your spirits! Yes, it’s the usual British bank holiday forecast of wet weather and never-ending traffic hold-ups but chin-up, the joys of Spring, with cute baby lambs bouncing around in the green pastures of East Sussex and the potential feasting on chocolate eggs can always bring a smile to even the most down-hearted. We, at Beechwood, love Easter (even when it’s slightly earlier in the year than we’d like!) because it brings a freshness to our year with spring-cleaning aplenty and our positive thinking looks forward to a bright, sunny summer ahead. Of course, Carol loves the chocolate as well (what lady doesn’t?)!

This week, we’ve made great strides towards preparing the garden for the awakening of our beloved plants, and already many of our shrubs are developing new buds. It’s this feeling of new life in a new year that makes Easter such a joy. The patio has had its post-winter jet wash and is now looking like brand-new and it won’t be too long before our guests can enjoy tea and coffee alfresco with the sun beating down, overlooking the garden in all its glory! Obviously, our three handsome dogs much prefer this time of year. Just being able to roam the garden freely with their Mummy or Daddy shouting at them to get out of the mud must be like a breath of fresh Spring air to them!

Not even the changing of our clocks on Easter Sunday can bring us down! Don’t forget to move them forwards by one hour at 2am on Sunday! Yes, it means one hour less in bed (unless you’re unlucky enough to not be governed by any sort of time control and can stay in bed for the rest of the day if that’s what you want!) but it also welcomes the start of British Summertime! What could be more uplifting than the prospect of unbridled sunshine, with the trees and plants in full bloom, the Sussex coast seaside town packed to the rafters and Glyndebourne in full swing!

So the Easter message from us here at Beechwood is to rid yourselves of Winter blues and bring Spring in to your step. We’d love to have you come to stay here at Beechwood and immerse yourselves in our luxurious surroundings!



Mothering Sunday at Beechwood

Well, we know that Spring is definitely in the air when Mothering Sunday is upon us. One of the great joys of life has been being a Mum to three amazing children and nurturing them through their development from birth to infancy to adolescence into adulthood. I hope that I’ve helped them on their way to becoming very grounded and successful individuals and I can now sit back and witness the fruits of my labour as a very proud mother and grandmother.

We, at Beechwood, place great emphasis on the importance of parenthood and see Mothering Sunday as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude towards our own Mums (even though they both live ¬†several hundred miles away!) for their dedication and their undying love towards us. Naturally, we try to show that love all year round but Mothering Sunday gives us the chance to give extra love for the rock upon which our castle stands. Maternal love lasts a lifetime and beyond and it’s really only when we become parents ourselves that we can honestly see how our own being shapes and influences a child’s development, from displays of tenderness, counselling and hopefully only occasional necessary discipline.

Let’s hope that the unpredictable British weather shows some kindness for mothers all across the country. A day of unbroken sunshine is the very least our Mums deserve. Treat them to a lovely day out in our beautiful countryside, visiting a stunning National Trust venue or let us help them to relax with an overnight stay in a luxurious bedroom with a sumptuous breakfast overlooking an extensive well-kept garden here at Beechwood. We promise to show extra kindness for Mums of all ages. Happy Mothering Sunday!